Informal Meditation

Meditation is the practice of awareness. Awareness can be activated any time, any place. Informal meditation is the activity by which a practitioner lives. So in a sense, though it is informal, awareness attends to the interactions of daily life.

Awareness is not a practice of self consciousness. Awareness is an open curiosity that invites us to notice unquestioned assumptions about reality. The practice is not an intellectual pursuit that seeks for further explanation, but a gentle and compassionate noticing that reveals layers of conceptualized assumptions that falsely support the idea of who we are and its accompanying past and present.

The practice is not to negate or dismiss the ebb and flow of life that might present ease or challenge. Rather, it is to notice the assumptions that bring about the rollercoaster of dissatisfaction; the pain and fear of losing what we have; the pain and fear of not getting what we want. The heart of this dissatisfaction is the assumption of a persistent and independent self. Seeing through this core assumption is at once a release from it. The heart opens, and without the hindrance of self-defense, offers of itself.