Timelessness & Tenderness

Don’t you wish sometimes, that there were more hours in a day to get things done?

Well, each day does get a smidgen longer …

The Times They are a-Changin’

Truly fascinating!

On the other hand …

We find nothing but now, no matter the tally of time.

When time is a measure against self,
Dissatisfaction is found.

Step into time-without-measure;
The unmeasurable expression of now.

Timelessborne tenderness infuses each task.
Timelessborne tenderness carries the day.


The Heart of This Moment

Image from Daily Enso, by Kristian Kabuay

Trying to get to heaven?

Life cannot be found outside of this moment.
Life cannot be found outside of now.

There is no getting ahead of this moment.
Nor is there falling behind this moment.
Moment is all there is.

Is not a snippet of time.


The heart of this moment is inseparable from all that has been.
Can a line be drawn between now and before?
When did before end?

The heart of this moment is inseparable from all that will be.
Can a line be drawn between now and after?
When does after begin?

Is not a snippet
Of time.

As the infinite is infinitely steady.
The finite is unfailingly fluid.
The wonder of life
In moment.

Where would heaven be found
But in the heart
Of this moment.

The Enso is Zen symbol is known to represent emptiness, wholeness, or infinity. For this writing I chose Miles Davis, a meditative expression of the Enso by Kristian Kabuay. His art gives the sense of no beginning or end. Daily Enso 

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