Contemplation 1


Myriad movements
of energy
manifesting and
radiating as
undivided flow.

Its expressions?
Tight – dense – hard…
Loose – soft – airy – fluid…
Without form.

Its occupancy?

in many forms.

In any form

© 2017 Bev Forsman and Letters from Emptiness. If you share this material, please include direction to the original content. Thank you.

4 thoughts on “Contemplation 1

  1. Barbie says:

    Small and cleverly de1idneg&#821s;got it! Even though our mudroom is pretty roomy, I still couldn’t get on top of the shoe situation. But then I saw a great post about converting an old bookcase into a shoe holder. If I ever get around to painting mine, I’ll write about! Meanwhile, it holds about 10 pairs of shoes tidily and has a basket on top to collect loose sports equipment and dog collars.


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