Dive In

Being, as movement or stillness,
Begets eddies and ripples,
Whose incarnations radiate
As myriad forms
Without end.

Even “not-doing” is participating.

Intuit with a wide lens.
Step into life and
With wisdom as depth-of-field.

“We never know when our actions will have the greatest impact,
and it’s often not when we expect.”

—Caroline Kennedy

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6 thoughts on “Dive In

  1. kenchristenson says:

    Nice Bev. There’s a part of the river near where I grew up that we always called The Eddy. The turbulence there has as much to do with the stones in the rapids above it as it has to do with the flowing water. Still working on that “depth of field”. Growing old is not enough; mustn’t let the moss obstruct the flow!

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