What to Trust

Wayward, we trust in identity
Hoping life will bend and
Appease all attachments
That would make real our precious plan.

Try wishing and what-if-ing
Or find peace as right-here-right-now.

Trust only this moment’s arising
Rely on all that is
Unheed prevailing
Speculatives that pretend
Tomorrow exists.


© 2015 Bev Forsman and Letters from Emptiness. If you share this material, please include direction to the original content. Thank you.

8 thoughts on “What to Trust

  1. janebasilblog says:

    You say that it came to you surprisingly easily. True inspiration tends to, and surely that is what this poem is?
    That final stanza speaks it’s truth with such a clear voice.
    Superb! If there was to be a tomorrow, I would like to see this acrostic on city billboards, to replace the cars and cosmetics.


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