Arrive. Arrive in this life completely.

To arrive does not mean to seek for that moment between past and future. That snippet of time cannot be determined nor held. Seeking in this manner, is an intellectual activity that assumes a persistent, yet changing self that is separate from that which is sought. We assume that some sort of intellectual straining will bring us to the present—as if we could bring our awareness to a point-like unit of time. This is like attempting to be two places as once.

The secret that is never hidden is that we are never removed from the currently unfolding expression of Now. Never is life unfolding at some other time or some other place.

Do not dwell in fabrications and assumptions of mind. Let go and arrive.

Precise effort allows for mind to dwell in life currently unfolding.

Life currently unfolding is offered constantly.

Life currently unfolding is revealed when the idea of a separate self is has vanished.

Arriving as life currently unfolding, participation is not bound by ideas of self, self-interest, self-fortification, self-protection. Arriving as life currently unfolding, participation opens to the cries of the world.

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7 thoughts on “Arriving

  1. Andre says:

    Indeed this is the ongoing practice of buddha dharma, thanks for sharing!
    Reminds me of some words i recently edited / put together for a close friend.
    When your mind is empty,
    it is ready for anything.
    When your mind is full,
    it is too busy to see the obvious.


    • suvinita says:

      Thank you for your comment.

      Your words are quite helpful as long as we are sure to take note of any idea that mind is a container that holds something (as opposed to nothing).


      • Andre says:

        Thank you for your reply, and particularly your comment, it hit the precise spot.
        Taking note, of any idea or belief, is no different, from not being seduced by thinking.
        Letting it go, and simply coming back, over and over again, to just this, objectless awareness, is meditation.


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