What is a Zen Center?

What is a Zen center? A community that invites and encourages inquiry. As practitioners of Zen, we are invited to look at our assumptions, see that we believe them to be absolutely true, see that they do not correspond to life unfolding, and find liberation in realizing assumptions are empty.

How does this invitation manifest?

Our teachers guide us as they live their lives as expressions of knowing, and they remind us to keep our practice pure.

Our practice guides us as we breathe life into the effort that is awareness.

Our community guides us as we navigate the formalities of meditation hall etiquette while discovering the spontaneity of response that is exactly compassion.

Our conditioned lives guide us as we realize the manifestation of the unconditioned.

Our teachers, our practice, our community, our lives, are not really ours; but are expressions of wholeness. A Zen center is an expression of wholeness that supports the practice of awareness.

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