Two Kinds of People?

December last year, I took interest in the Post A Day and Post A Week themes for inspiration. I was surprised by my urge to comment, and did so. I knew eventually I’d post something related to these writing teases. Today is the day.

The prompt was—

Finish this sentence: “There are two kinds of people in the world…”

My quick, generic answer—

There are two kinds of people: those living wholeheartedly, compassionately… and those mesmerized by their personal dramas of fame and fortune.

This, however, is what I’d like to say for those who would visit my page—

There are not two kinds of people. There are two kinds of knowing.

Attachment to me and my story is delusion. In delusion, Wholeness is interpreted as separate parts and pieces that can benefit or detract from me. We steadfastly believe to be true, the values placed on the relationships that support who we are. We live mesmerized by the personal drama that plays out.

Seeing the emptiness of the formulas that support me and my story is Wisdom. It is to realize that me is only a formula that is relative to other formulas and the values that the fabricated me assigns. Finding no ideas or formulas that hold up as fixed truth, we are careful not to assert our version of the world into the world. We realize that what we thought was real and separate from me, is actually me. We know that we cannot harm anyone or anything other without harming life itself. This is living Wisdom. This is living Wholeness.

We can’t really find two kinds of people. Every one of us has the capacity to live either of two ways. We can live a painful life that is limited by formulas of me. Or we can see completely through these fabricated limits and live the life of Wholeness. There is ever-present opportunity to wake up to Wholeness, and naturally respond to life as-it-is with the quiet stability that is the manifestation of knowing: compassion.

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6 thoughts on “Two Kinds of People?

  1. Nigel Hillen says:

    Abandoning the “self” model of delusion cannot be a cognitive process as that would just be to substitute one model for another. The leap from model to no-model cannot therefore planned, all we can do is prime the pump, persevere, and hope.


    • suvinita says:

      Absolutely, yes. This is not a cognitive process or cognitive end-point. The knowing I refer to is objectless, rather than an accumulation of information (though cognition can show us what isn’t working about our model). We cannot willfully let go of our assumptions and concepts, for that is to continue churning thoughts for an outcome. Assumptions dissolve when the mind has stopped yearning, hoping, watching for some imagined result by thoroughly engaging in the activity of Now. Thorough, open interest (without measuring or analyzing) allows the busy mind to return to silence… the silence of no names (or no-model as you so wonderfully stated). Yet we cannot live life without the respecting the relationships of the relative world. Emptiness/silence, manifests as what appears to be separate things. Our mistake is believing the appearances to be the truth. Awakening is right here in this relative world which is not separate from the Wholeness.


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