Open Interest

opening to life without clinging to an agenda

Realization/enlightenment is seeing through the tightly-held belief that we are a particular abiding “self” living out our lives in relation to the “things” of our life that we assume to be separate from us. Not finding such a persisting entity called “self,” there is no one in particular who becomes enlightened. There is simply enlightenment. The opportunity to shine light on confusion is ever present, ever available. Life is lived as confusion or enlightenment in any moment.

Begin practice with open curiosity. In the simple noticing (no judgment) of dissatisfaction and the behavior that comes from that dissatisfaction, there is already an interest, an aspiration to know what this life truly is. Wholeheartedly participate in the life of this moment and immediately that true life is revealed.

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4 thoughts on “Open Interest

  1. Myo-O says:

    Hi Suvinita,
    I would like permission to share with with my staff at work. I am always trying to find ways to help them understand my non-“theological” framework. I think this would help if you are willing to let me share it with them. Thank you!

    Bows, Myo-O


    • suvinita says:

      Hi Myo-O,
      Please do. This effort is for all who are curious. Simply include a reference or link to the website.
      Thank you for your interest.


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