Yesterday I attended an interfaith gathering of religious leaders, the purpose of which was to develop relationships across traditions and share perspectives and concerns from our various communities as we approach the tenth anniversary of 9/11. It was a privilege to be invited to participate in this conversation. I went to listen and learn from those who have already made gestures. I was moved by the passionate energy of the participants, but the depth of the evening came from sitting one-on-one, talking about our children, our families—our ways of living and expressing universal tenderness. My lingering thoughts are below.

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4 thoughts on “Ripples

  1. Lynn Salmon-Easter says:

    Thank you Bev for your moving poem.
    I am going to place this on my refrigerator. Your words always ring true, but these words seem to to be all the more poignant to this mama of a 3 yr old.


  2. Cynthia Scott says:

    I am glad to know that such a gathering took place, and that you participated. It brings to mind what has become an urgent question for me about practicing non-injury and observing the precept of not killing—though I’m not sure I can articulate it very well. My country is embroiled in 3 wars that kill and injure untold numbers of beings every day. Because I am a citizen of this country, do I not have blood on my hands? Can I really claim to practice non-injury and observe the precept of not killing if I go about business as usual while my government slaughters others? I don’t think so—yet I am not sure what is required. Acting out of ordinary mind only creates more strife. Being mindful that I sit zazen for the benefit of all beings, having a listening attitude and a sincere aspiration for peace are the only way for an awakened response to emerge.


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