The Art of Seeing

My son—who can sketch and draw—instructed, “draw what you see, not what you think you see.”

When we become familiar with drawing, painting, photography, we realize we must see our subject not through the interpretation and weeding-out process that the assumptive, conceptualizing mind conjures up. The subject comes alive when interpretation doesn’t quell. It is with the practice of Awareness that we can realize how fluid and thoroughly relational and insubstantial these determinations are. They can be held as truth, no better than water can be held by a wicker basket.

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2 thoughts on “The Art of Seeing

  1. Wanda Isle says:

    Relating truth to water passing through a wicker basket is very interesting.

    The photo is wonderful.


    • suvinita says:

      Thanks for your comment Wanda. You know I appreciate your feedback.

      I’ve since changed the sentence structure a bit to (hopefully) clarify that our relative truths cannot be held as absolute. You comment is helpful especially, in that, even though I was referring to relative truths, Truth (capital T) cannot be held either. So thank you!


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