True Taste of Olive

I never liked olives until I made an effort to find a deeper experience of their flavor.

If we take a minute to experience the taste of an olive, we might notice more than the flavor we’re so sure we know. We might find bitterness, sweetness, saltiness, oiliness, sourness, smoothness, harshness; and a “squeak” as we chew with our molars. Awareness brings to life different aspects of “flavor of olive.” Different interpretations of what-is show up, as awareness shifts and broadens. Which taste is true, only the one we expect? What do we miss when we so habitually dismiss?

We could ask the same about ourselves and what appears as our life. Are we sure we are who we think we are? What about our friends, family, coworkers? What do we dismiss in order to make sure “our truth” is “the truth”?

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