Facing Forward Revisited

Recently, I posted Facing Forward in Any Direction. This entry is for those who would like to further consider the analogy.

Please keep in mind that analogies always fall short, but can nevertheless point to what cannot be explained or conceptualized.

  • Like Ultimate Reality… facing forward is constant no matter what direction we face or what activity we do. Ultimate Reality is constantly tumbling out of itself no matter how we understand or live our life. Ultimate Reality has no particular look or feel, but is whatever is showing up as the relative world experience. Ultimate Reality is directly experienced as this life here-now.
  • Like Ultimate Reality… facing forward is never hidden, but usually overlooked. Valuing a believed-in identity or situation by clinging to the measurements of the relative world, we overlook Ultimate Reality, which is clear and obvious.
  • Like Ultimate Reality… facing forward is not an object. Regardless, we can realize and know facing forward, and we can realize and know Ultimate Reality.
  • Like Ultimate Reality… facing forward cannot be separated from facing a direction. Ultimate Reality and relative reality are not-two.

We cannot explain Ultimate Reality any more accurately than we can explain facing forward. Ultimate Reality cannot be conceptualized, so those who seek will not find Ultimate Reality in the usual way. Ultimate Reality can be immediately known as the life we live; the actions we take. Awareness is the key.

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