What Comes to the Surface

What is stream?

A bubble in water rises to the surface. It seems to be something in particular, separate from the water. It seems to have shape, content, and boundary. But how is it a bubble without the support of the water? And where does the bubble go, when it is released at the surface?

What about the color we see? Color isn’t in the air, but lightwaves are in our midst. We don’t see them, but their wavelength and frequency are revealed as color once they encounter an object and react. Depending upon their frequency, lightwaves are either absorbed by the object or reflected. What is reflected is the color we see. So a red pepper is, in a sense, all colors except red. All colors are involved in bringing the vibrancy of red to life.

We can look around and see that everything is like this. Pick any object that we experience and we can see that it gets its independence or identity from everything that it is not. A babbling stream is water from various sources. That the weather was cold enough at some level of the atmosphere brings about condensation as rain or snow and then runoff. That there is hydrogen and oxygen to combine gives us stream. We give a stream a name, but when does the water flowing hold that name? While it is in a certain geographical spot? As the water seeps into the water table, or is soaked up by a tree root, is it still the stream? And what about what has been? That there were glaciers may have given us the shape of the ground that holds the stream. The ground is rock, and soil, and worms. Is that same ground, the stream as well?

What we encounter is what has come forward as an expression of Wholeness, Reality, Totality. Any sight, sound, smell, taste, touch, thought, is supported completely, totally by that Wholeness. The evidence is constantly arising as the life that we live. Let’s open up to what is directly experienced. Does it need a name?… a label?… a category?… A formula? Yes, provisionally. But to attach or grasp at such explanations or judgments and understand them as absolute truth, is to limit the expression of Reality. Let’s see if we can we be open enough to accept what comes to the surface as the full expression of Reality. It’s an invitation.

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